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I've been sick...

  • Mar. 6th, 2009 at 11:13 PM
Nia Does a body good
I really don't know what kind of sickness- just sick.. everyone kept calling asking "do you have the flu??...is it a virus?? ...is it a stomach virus??? ...maybe it's this _____??do you have the....??"
why can't I just be SICK? No name other than SICK. PERIOD...???
I'm feeling a little better now. I did get out and enjoy our 70degree weather... muscle pain and all ("I'm sorry", those who got infected from me today..) well,i wasn't really OUT- Enjoying it.. I worked. Viewed a new listing, showed some homes.. blah-blah-blah..but did enjoy these homes today...
Funny thing; tonight as on every Friday we had our "girls night"- Lydia, Leah and I... we do our thing -whatever craziness that may be. Tonight we made up some exercises, played an annoying game of Scrabble in which Lydia won 1st place, Leah won 2nd and me coming in last. (don't even ask how that happened when I help Leah with her words)...
We also played I Declare War- Leah one most of the games, we did our Bible study (20mins nightly prayer,bible reading, worship song)then we ended with practicing ASL.
Which includes: greetings, alphabet, numbers, general conversation and learning new words...but we MUST be silent (no spoken word) the entire time.
Anyway, Leah (as usual) was acting-up... doing WAY more than necessary- during our ASL session so I yelled at her in sign.
Lydia was starting to speak and tell Leah what I said when Leah screamed out:
I was so proud of her... not because she yelled but because it's coming so natural that she is actually HEARING the signs behind the silence. She didn't say "I saw it or saw her Lydia" but she said "I HEARD..." :)

This made my week..


  • Feb. 28th, 2009 at 10:33 PM
Icy Hot
the past few days have been strange.
Tuesday night I had a Mardi Gras/Birthday Party at a friends house
Wednesday- Lydia was sick- Reggie got a crazy quote of $1500 to fix my car
Thursday- Lydia & I was sick, so she couldn't go to speech; not that i had a car to make it
Friday- had to drag myself out of bed to take a buyer on tours for a 20K home.. he had to drive us- he came with THREE other friends that did not ADD to the experience but each complained about the homes the buyer thought were good - come on people, we're talking a 20K house- do you really think you would have appliances??? or even a toilet??
Friday night- I'm the recording secretary for my neighborhood planning unit so I had to attend the retreat this weekend we had a Spelman, which started at 6:30PM Friday night.......talk about WORN out. Had to first find a ride. Done.
Saturday- back at Spelman at 8AM... 10AM community summit "Operation Neighborhood Takeback", 12-back to Spelman for a LONG day of lectures...
Saturday- 5PM, met with Partner at the coffeeshop to discuss business plan before finally heading home. .............and since my girls have not seen me all day- guess who wanted to be in my room and talk. :(((
I had to pray hard for patience because I AM extremely tired.
I'm behind in my ASL- no real studying or practice since Tuesday...so I think I'll watch a few deaf videos (performed in ASL) just to act like i'm learning something..

oohhh I pressed a button and almost lost this crappy post! :( somethings it just drives me crazy that there is no auto save on LJ!

a not so interesting day...

  • Feb. 21st, 2009 at 8:14 PM
Nia Does a body good
as usual, most Saturday's start out early- people ready to view houses by 10. I had a few showings I rushed through.
Today I just wanted to be home and do nothing...
My girls wanted to go out though. We hit the Library- which sucks, because the one next to my house NEVER has anything.. it's a shame just how bad some libraries have gotten. I mean, they may have all the new Toni Morrison books- or crappy B romance novels with the SAME sorry story but with the homosexual twists (they're trying to be inclusive now even in crappy story lines) ... but people like ME do not read that stuff and just want quality educational books. I always have to order my books from other locations, mostly from a well off neighborhood-which I'm sure is rarely frequented by the locals.. *sigh* online libraries are taking over.
Anyway, after the Library I wanted to check out this goodwill, since everyone keeps telling me how "good" it is...............................remind me to NEVER EVER listen to "everyone". It was the sorriest store I've ever been in, I seen better items at a garage sale.
I needed to find Lydia some new shoes and Leah sneakers but we went to the wrong mall and only found a headache.
Then the dumb car started to over heat...more frustration.
We did want some Ikea Cinnamon rolls but opted to go home and get the car to daddy for him to service....after all the frustration I was tired and have been lazily doing NOTHING but sitting on my bed and watching youtube movies.
I just finished Bamboozled. I really like Spike Lee.
I think I need to exercise so I can break out of this 'tired' cycle. There were at least 10 thing I wanted to do since we got back home...but I accomplished nothing, but finally seeing the ending of Bamboozled.


  • Feb. 20th, 2009 at 12:40 PM
Nia Does a body good
so I'm a bit annoyed at buyers/sellers calling me to get my "expert" advice on Real Estate thinking they can just pick my brain and NOT work with me .. WTH? I dont get paid for giving advice... I should start a 1900 number. You have an agent- make THEM work. LOL...


  • Feb. 20th, 2009 at 11:28 AM
Nia Does a body good
my Treo runs my life. But I need a better plan. There does not seem to be a EVERYTHING unlimited plan for $100 from any provider...is there?

I need unlimited text, web access, talk .... maybe tmobile? -Add that on my list to checkout today.
ASL practice. I'm slipping- well not really I practice daily and watch vlogs but just have not gotten around to picking up my friend converse.

Facebook. Love it. Although I don't get to really KNOW people like I did on LJ but I love it. Join me if you haven't already there. I do plan to be on LJ MORE!! I miss it too much and I miss ME.
Real Estate is my other love.

Been wanting to do photography but my stupid cheap digital camera is not catching what my EYE and SOUL see's and want to catch so I'm never happy with my pictures and need to invest in a good camera.

My car is driving me crazy- always when it's time to register it : "CHECK ENGINE" :((

523 E. Ontario

  • Oct. 20th, 2008 at 3:22 PM
Icy Hot

523 E. Ontario dream- List price 165K

I need new icons

  • Sep. 28th, 2008 at 9:00 PM
Nia Does a body good
I haven't been here in so long- what icons are hot? I'm sure everyone probably has a "Rock the Vote" or "Vote or Die" or some "vote Barack or the world is over" icon lol...
Is this election crazy or what?
Did you ever imagine we would have a black man running for president? I did- but didn't think it would be this soon in my life, for some reason- I dont know why I slept on it happening now.

What do you think? I'm not sure what I think yet....I mean, I asked many people for their thoughts and they seem to all have memorized the "Black power" speech and are either supporting him just because he's black...... no intelligent pro's/cons conversation. -Not that I'm one for talking politics, you know I have my own views- Biblical views and I'm so far from where the majority of the world is....

So Lydia turned 8 on Friday. Can you believe it? 8!!! I think she was 2 when I first came here via Leslie. We had a sleep over and went to the mall. Went to "Clairs- Accessory store" and I gave everyone a $5 limit to buy something. ...Why did these kids keep coming up to me asking me if $7.99 is OK?? 8 year olds DO know how to count dont, they? But yet I spent 45mins in a store constantly asking people "is that greater than or less than $5?.. what do YOU think?"
Leah is 4...very talkative, and starts every sentence with "Mommy, can I ask you something..." then dive right into the question without waiting for my response. Today I said, "No- you can't ask me anything..." and I guess she either didn't hear me or care because she kept talking and asked anyway! lol..

Pics of my crew- Lydia, CJ and Leah

So I'm catching up..

  • Jul. 21st, 2008 at 9:28 PM
Icy Hot
Reggie and I finally got an IPOD. I know- FINALLY! LOL.. but it's too addicting downloading music... I'm hearing songs I completely forgot about but once LOVED..such as En Vogue, Runaway Love..and Denise Williams "Silly" ...man, the good old days. LOL..

So we're preparing for our NY trip on Wednesday. We took the girls to MD last week- Lydia is NOT enjoying herself this time. She's a bit home sick. We'll see her on Wednesday. I feel bad because I HATED being left placed I didn't want to be for an extended period of time- however I was NOT about to drive back to MD after that long trip.

I pulled out of my mother-in-law's wedding. Which is cool, but now leaves me with "What should I wear?" ..I have some sexy shoes but now need a cute dress... cheap and cheerful is what I'm thinking so I'll probably head to Macy's tomorrow and check out clearance. I'd love to wear all white. - oh, is that bad to wear white to someone else’s wedding? The bride is not wearing white...so it shouldn't matter right?
I would really love to wear my favorite color; black- but I thought THAT would be wrong...

Psalms of Nia ..meet... Nia Knowles Realty

  • Jul. 10th, 2008 at 8:58 PM
Icy Hot
So I'm here.LJ. Praying again for balance. How'd I get here? Well, I followed an incoming tag from my wordpress blog. It led me to a writer, poet-Cherryl Floyd-Miller - who gave me a shout out on her blog. Immediately when I entered her space, I longed to be apart of this community I somehow drifted from. Not willingly, but somehow I just find myself on the outside of MY circle. My writers circle. My poetry circle. MY circle-my THING.
I have too many things. That's the problem. Too many of MY things. Now how to balance them, and work them together? I have no balance nor do I know how to establish it. I need an intervention. ..lol...no, not one from people ..

Anyway, while I work on that. I also missed you. LJ. Just talking, just expressing, just learning and JUST BEING.

I do too much. I dont know if this is a complaint or acknowledgment. I don't do too much just because I think I'm the only one to do it... it just happens that way.

Ok, I surrender. I'll be here more often-I need to write again. Capture some of ME back.. just to release.

One thing i hate

  • Mar. 27th, 2008 at 2:51 PM
Icy Hot
Is when my stomach starts growing ..
in the middle of a conference ..when everyone is silent...

a statement I over heard today really pissed me off...

I really can do without self centered people today..